Dear Friends,

Our Web site which was initially launched four years ago contains details about the History of the Chetty community. Lots of hard work and research had gone into it. Many, members and friends who visited our web site had been impressed and educated of the History of the Chetty community.

We have decided, it is the time, to go to the Second Phase of Our Web Site, to enlighten our Members & Friends of Our Community the present day activities and information of our Community and make it more attractive to the young members of our community in keeping with Today’s World of Communication. The Future of Our Community depends largely in the hands of our younger Generation.

The Colombo Chetty Young Men’s Association was formed in 1919. Subsequently the name was changed to Colombo Chetty Association in 1976 to accommodate the ladies. In 1986 the name was once again changed to Colombo Chetty Association of Sri Lanka with the aim of bringing the members of the Chetty community (which is estimated to over 150,000) under one banner. Although many years have passed the real objective has yet to be achieved. This, we believe is a major communication problem. Out of the estimated, over 150,000 members of the Chetty community, residing mainly in the Western, North Western and Southern Province of Sri Lanka, only about 750 are members of the Colombo Chetty Association of Sri Lanka. The main reason is that most members of the Chetty Community are unaware that there exists an association called Colombo Chetty Association of Sri Lanka. With this in mind a Sub Committee was formed to launch the second phase of the Website. Some of the ideas that have come up to feature in the Website are,
  • The Constitution of the Colombo Chetty Association of Sri Lanka
  • Membership Form and how to apply
  • Members of the Association with their contact details
  • News and information update regarding the members of the Chetty community
  • Current and future activities of the Association
  • To strengthen communication between the Association and its Oversea Members of our community and much more.
Please keep visiting our website regularly. Your comments, contribution and advice in making our website popular will be much appreciated by our Executive Committee.
Distinguished names that have made a prominent and lasting contribution to community and country.
The Colombo Chetties of Sri Lanka have a rich and active history dating back as early as 1505 to the Portuguese colonial era.