The Colombo Chetty Association was inaugurated in the year 1919 under a committee headed by its President, Mr. A. X. Anandappa and General Secretary, Mr. A. J. Perumal. This association was established with the objective of creating opportunities for its members to come together in fellowship.

During this period there were other Chetty Associations established in the regions of Negombo, Chillaw and Puttalam under the leadership of Mr. R. I. Fernandopulle adeptly assisted by Mr. Jeyeraj Fernandopulle, Mr. Richie Fernandopulle, Mr. Deva Fernandopulle and other prominent Chetties in the areas of Dankotuwa, Kochchikade, Chilaw and Puttalam.

Sri Lanka Chetty Association was established in 1983 with the principal objective of gaining recognition as a distinct ethnic community from the Government of Sri Lanka. The initiative was executed under its President, Mr. R. I. Fernandopulle; General Secretary, Mr. Shirley Pulle Tissera; Deva Fernandopulle; Richie Fernandopulle; Neil Fernandopulle and Selva Perumal. The Chetties gained official recognition as a separate entity on the 14th of January the next year.

At the invitation of Mr. A. J. Fernandopulle and Mr. Fermin A. Perumal, the President and the General Secretary of Colombo Chetty Association Mr. Shirley Pulle Tissera, General Secretary of Sri Lanka Chetty Association spoke at an executive meeting of Colombo Chetty Association. In his address, Mr. Shirley Pulle Tissera made a suggestion to bring all Chetty Associations under one umbrella. This proposal, unanimously accepted, led to the consolidation of the Chetty Association.

On the 28th of September 1986 Colombo Chetty Association of Sri Lanka was birthed at St Peters College Auditorium in Colombo 4. This prestigious association was headed by an elected committee of which Mr. R. I. Fernandopulle was made President and Mr. Shirley Pulle Tissera, the General Secretary.