Commonwealth Essay Competition
Interview by the oldest living lady in the
Colombo Chetty Community in Sri Lanka
Colombo Chetty Association
Sports Day
25 May 2013
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100th Birth remembrance of
R. I. Fernandopulle
30 April 2013
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Colombo Chetty Association meets His Eminence Cardinal
15 March 2013
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Colombo Chetty Sports Day falls on
9 May 2012
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The Annual Requiem Mass
19 Nov 2011
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Colombo Chetties donate milk powder for distribution to deserving families
June 01, 2011
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History of the Chetties in Sri Lanka, given free of charge to schools and public libraries
February 14, 2011
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Colombo Chetty Associaton
Annual Sports Day Today
29 July 2007
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The Colombo Chetty community
Their roots, branches & history.
Review by Manel Ratnatunga
| Electronic Media
Carving a niche with a distinct
8 July 2001
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