1992 ~ 2012
The 'Vimukthi Niwasa' project was initiative taken in order to assist and educate the children of low income families in the Puttalam and Kurunegala Disctricts. Though this venture was initially handled by the Colombo Chetty Association with the assistance of Rev. Sister Benedict Fernandopulle as its Manager, it was later agreed that a Trust should be established for this purpose.

The Vimukthi Niwasa Trust is a registered entity consisting of seven members, of which two, namely the President and the Genral Scretary are ex officio. The trust committee meets every two months or as occasion requires in order to monitor progress, plan and manage finances. At the end of each year an annual audit it presented by a registered firm. A staff of Vimukthi Niwasa includes six full time field workers with Rev. Sister Benedict Fernandopulle as its executive trustee.

The Vimukthi Niwasa is located at Matiyangane, Narammala, by the side of the main highway connecting Colombo to Kurunegala. This property was donated by the children of late Jane and Walter Casie Chetty.

Our main objective at Vimukthi Niwasa is to assist the less fortunate to move forward in their lives in dignified manner, without the burden of poverty. To achieve this we initiate programs, workshops and training programs to empower women, encourage youth to peruse vocational training and self-employment. In addition we run preschools, construct drinking water wells and take care and assist the aged and the sick at Vimukthi Niwasa.

Our project at Vimukthi Niwasa is unique as it transcends race and religion. This initiative does not benefit a single member of the Chetty community but the common man in the districts of Kurunegla and Puttalam. This initiative has brought us great joy as a number of our youth from Vimukthi Niwasa are now employed serving as teachers or involved in other distinguished vocations. Some have even entered and graduated University.

Our principle sponsor for Vimukthi Niwasa is a charitable foundation based in Germany named "KinderhilfeKakadu E.V." or "Kakadu" as it’s fondly referred to at Vimukthi Niwasa. Kakadu comprises of dedicated individuals who tirelessly work to raise funds in innovative ways in their homeland in Germany. They are truly been friends of Sri Lanka. We are fortunate that many members of Kakadu have spent their time, energy and resources to visit our offices and initiatives in Sri Lanka.